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About the Lights

Our show comprises both standard LED/Incandescent lights, as well as, RGB LED's.  The RGB strings consist of 100 INDIVIDUALLY CONTROLLED pixels for a total of over 2500 pixels.

Animation is done in video editing type software called HLS and XLights that allows you to sync the music to what your lights are doing.  Lights can be made to dim, shimmer, turn on/off, etc.  Our show comprises of 80 separately controlled LED/Incandescent channels using LightORama and Renard control boards and a little over 8 DMX universes controlled via e1.31 San Devices E6804, E682 and Falcon F16v2 boards.  All of the RGB pixels and flood lights run on 12V DC.  A Raspberry Pi running Falcon Pi Player controls the shows schedule and lights when the show is running.

If you would like more information, just shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to go into more details!

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